Decorating with Portraits

Professional advice from photography experts on how to decorate your home or office with your personal portraits.

Displaying your prints in a skillful arrangement can transform a space. Individual photographs can be elevated to custom art displays through the use of contemporary collaging and framing. The unique gallery inspiration images seen below can help you create an inspired photographic grouping. Artistic display of your moments in time will decorate your home in a custom style that reflects the individual personality of your family.

Our studio has an image expert on staff to assist you with selecting your photographs. This image expert is a skilled wall décor interior decorator. They can provide design assistance on how to display your images. Feel free to snap a few photos of your home interior with your camera or cell phone camera and email them to us here at the studio. Our image expert would be happy to provide complimentary design consultation services for your images.

Click here to view our gallery sets