One Amazing Family And A Gorgeous Sunset, Photographed at Bunche Beach in Fort Myers!

The Natoli Family was such a delight to photograph – WHY?? Well, for a couple of reasons – one being they were just a really fun family to photograph! But two, because it seemed to be a pivotal night here in Fort Myers, FL because the weather is finally starting to cool down!! This is a serious big deal here!! Cooler weather is on the horizon making everyone HAPPY! We all love this time of year because it reminds us why we live here (especially after living through 4 months of upper 90’s and wicked high humidity!)

So, we have a beautifully happy family, the gorgeous Bunche Beach in Fort Myers, and an amazing sunset. Does life really get any better then that?! We Floridians don’t think so! The Natoli family was so great – they were loaded with personality and totally open for jumping and being in the water! LOVE IT!

Happy Fall Everyone and thanks to the Natoli family for being so awesome!

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