Your Same-Sex Marriage Photographer

Sebrie Images Photography supports gay marriage and is excited for your momentous day. As you meet with photographers keep this question at the top of your list: What are the advantages this studio brings to my beach wedding?

Sebrie Images Photography assembles a custom team of photographers to the personalities and needs of a given client. Stacked with years of experience, the team tailors each shot to the couple’s energy and style. Our photography equipment includes the latest high-resolution cameras for stunning clarity and detail from all of your photos.

We understand planning a wedding can be stressful, but you’ll take comfort in knowing we will make you and your significant other look their best. This is why Sebrie Images Photography stands out among other same-sex marriage photographers. We’re known for our:

  • Unforgettable destination beach weddings
  • Professionalism and personality
  • Talent and experience
  • Style and creativity

From camera equipment to our interactions with clients, professionalism is the standard we live by. Our mission: the upmost respect for you and your loved ones. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease with us, whether over the phone or on the day of the wedding.



Becoming engaged is that first big step towards your union. This event may be overshadowed by the actual wedding, but it’s important to capture these earlier memories. Choose Sebrie Images Photography to provide an amazing engagement photography session with the backdrop of a beautiful Florida beach. It will create a bonding moment you’ll cherish for a lifetime. The stunning professional beach engagement portraits can be used for all sorts of purposes:

  • Gifts for friends and family,
  • Decorating your new home together, or
  • Used for a variety of ways in your wedding.
    • “Save the Date” announcements
    • Wedding invitations,
    • Ceremony programs,
    • Photo mat for guests to sign at the wedding,
    • Table number cards,
    • Thank you notes or stationery, and
    • Much more.

The combination of creative ways to use your professional engagement photos are endless!

What exactly sets up apart is our focus on taking both posed and more natural, spontaneous engagement portraits. These professional beach portraits will be unique and special because of the variety of poses, destinations, light sources, and clothing suggestions. We really want your personalities, excitement about your engagement, and love for each other to shine through the photos. Sebrie Images Photography’s concern is for you to feel comfortable, to be relaxed, to have fun, and to simply enjoy your engagement session so that your overall experience is exceptional. We want your photos to be loved and cherished forever!