What to Expect at Your Portrait Session

Be prepared for your portrait session by knowing exactly what to expect from your portrait photographer.

When to Meet Your Photographer

When scheduling your photography session you will be given an appointment time. We typically recommend that you plan to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your appointment time to insure you are ready for the session and able to maximize your sitting.

How Long Does the Session Last

The length of the session varies with each appointment.

If you have scheduled a full private portrait session the sitting will typically take between 45 – 90 minutes. Factors such as size of the group and attention span of the participants will affect the final timing.

If you have scheduled a shortened session the sittings will typically take between 10-20 minutes. We really recommend that you are early for these appointments to maximize your shortened session.


How Many Photographs Will You Take

During your session the photographer will take as many photographs as possible. We typically try to capture several shots of each pose so that you will have as much to choose from as possible.

What Poses Will the Photographer Arrange

During the session we typically begin each sitting with more formal poses. Then, as the session progresses we branch into more relaxed and natural shots. For sessions with groups of people we will photograph as many different combinations as possible. (Just children, parents with children, individuals, just the parents, etc…) Please speak with your photographer at the beginning of the session about any poses that you would like to see.